Calming Pet Bed- Xtra Large -100 cm -Dark Grey

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Pet Safe , Self Warming Faux Fur - 1 pound 5.4 oz

  • Fabric is hypo-allergenic polyester
  • Machine washable cold water / gentle cycle
  • Tumble dry with no heat

Bed benefits:

Dogs love to curl up on sofa, the bed and anywhere that is nice and comfortable. Just like us, our faithful companions love to find soft and cozy places to rest.

The calming bed has a round shape design with lots of cushioning and raised sides to help your fur babies feel warm, contained and comfortable.

Better sleep: the anxiety bed is ideal for pets who love snuggling. The bolstered edge acts as a head rest, offering additional orthopedic support, while creating a sense of security. The deep crevices allow your pet to burrow, and will have a full, restful sleep, for improved behaviour and better health.