Care and Instructions

Introducing new bed

To fluff bed before use gently pull batting in donut section to even out.

Avoid pulling along sticking line as you do not want to break stitches.

The bed is now ready for your pet to enjoy.

Place in the usual spot your pet sleeps, ideally near a wall. Most pets will go in right away to investigate and settle, but don't panic as they can take up to two weeks to come around.

If your pet is not immediately resting in their new bed, then try laying on it as your pillow while you are watching TV to imprint your scent.

This will add comfort and security for your pet and help them to become more trusting of their new bed.


Care & Instructions

Machine wash with COLD water in gentle cycle

Tumble dry AIR FLUFF

Gently re fluff batting to be even and bed will be as new


Safety Precautions-WARNINGS

Do not place bed near electric heaters as the polyester material is at risk for fire.

If pet decides bed is a play toy- instruct LEAVE IT- and only let pet use bed under supervision until they have learned this is a bed

If bed has worn out or pet is tearing holes and removing batting-  Discard bed